Sling demonstration

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2 Responses to Sling demonstration

  1. millie says:

    hi chrissie – thanks for the little workshop you gave at buddhafield for Solly and I! We went nappy free the day after but I found it a little disheartening that he really hates to use the potty at the moment AND had two poo accidents and a massive wee on the floor that day! We havent got the hang of it yet and woud be glad of any tips or links to keep our enthusiasm up for the approach! It does seem true that he doesnt have accidents in the sling!
    I found your sling demonstration really helpful- thanks for sharing it! all the best! Millie

    • christinabix says:

      Hi Millie! I would suggest you try a different potty, bowl or other receptacle. I have no experience with nappy-free boys but you may like to try holding him over a bowl rather than encouraging him to sit on a potty, which doesn’t appeal to him. He may respond to standing for a wee like Daddy does. Solly may need a break from the encouragement too. You may need to start again slowly, perhaps every morning in the garden for an hour or so to help build your confidence and get familiar with his signals. Well done for your success with nappy-free while Solly is in a sling. Also remember to make a psssspssss sound or say ‘weeweeweewee’ to cue Solly too. It was lovely to meet you both, you are a wonderful, dedicated mother. Do keep in touch.

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