Green Juice

Raw vegan apple and raspberry crumble

Raw vegan raspberry and white chocolate cheesecake

Raw vegan strawberry ice cream

Raw elderflower cordial

Raw mango and berry pie

Hazelnut milk drink

Sling demonstration

Veronika Robinson


2 Responses to Videos

  1. Emma says:

    Hi Chrissy…I just wanted to contact you to let you know how much I’m enjoying your recipes in the Mother magazine and how helpful your videos have been. It’s much easier for me to watch the recipes being made and then have a go myself. I was also wondering if you had some ideas of what to do with the leftover nut pulp from the hazelnut milk? Thanks very much :), bright blessings, Emma

    • christinabix says:

      Hi Emma, thanks for your comment. I use the pulp in other recipes such as cookies and spreads. Its easy. You can use the milk pulp fresh and mix it into raw carrot cake, pie crusts, cookies, spreads or dips. Alternatively, you can spread it on a teflex sheet and dehydrate for a few hours until no moisture is left. Then store it in a jam jar with a tight lid for future use. Use it like ground nuts or flour. Yesterday I used dehydrated milk pulp (hazelnuts and almonds) in bee pollen cookies (or Pookies).Look out in The Mother Magazine for my Pookie recipe. Ps. The pulp from un-hulled hemp seeds is gritty and fairly unpalatable. I’ve found the best use for this is as a body exfoliator – use within 24 hrs before it turns rancid. x

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